Glass Straw Yes

Sustainable, Reusable Glass Straws
Handmade in India

Benefits of Glass Straw

Reusable as many times

Strawling  Glass Straws are handmade in  India by Rustic Horse Glass Studio  Reusable as many times. Scratch less for life,  and easy to clean every time. Did you know Rustic Horse glass Straws  can withstand High temperatures so are easy to boil and clean every time.

Toxin Free and Safe

These are made of high grade Borosilicate Glass and are Food grade. Plastic is toxic and leaches into your drinks, slowly .There are several negative  health impacts with plastic. Its advisable to switch to anything you consume to plastic free. 

An Idea that Saves

Imagine the impact of 7.9 billion people  using 1 plastic straw each !!!  We could save on all that if we opt for alternatives. Glass straws stands out as most sensible  alternative, because its reusable.

Eco friendly Gifting

With so much going around this planet. Sustainability  is the best gift you can give to anyone. During festivals and occasions we produce  most trash.  Sustainability doesn’t have to be boring. Our Glass straws stand out as individual pieces of functional art. 

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Logo Rustig horse glass studio

Art should also be functional” Rustic Horse Glass Studio has taken this initiative to play its major role in launching something that is handmade like good old times. Using 16th century art techniques our endeavour is to provide functional artistic products for your home.


Is the estimated number of straws each one of us use  in our  lifetime

400 Years

This is what it takes for each straw to  disintegrate.


Every experience is priceless


Not all those who wander are lost!

Kala Ghoda Festival

Mumbai 2020

Kala Ghoda festival 2020 Mumbai. Filling the streets of Mumbai with vibrant colours, happiness and amusement, celebrating  magnificence of the Indian  culture and art. Our products were welcomed and were appreciated by art enthusiasts of Mumbai. One of the most memorable shows for us.

IGHF Glass fair

IHGF , 2019

Destination IHGF where world meets some of the very best in crafts and supplies from India.  A comprehensive collection of Home, Fashion and Lifestyle  spread out over 197,000 sq meters India Expo Centre. IHGF is one of the largest shows in India. An iconic International connect for India’s leading manufacturers.

Yellow Blossom fair

Delhi 2019

@ Yellow Blossom Events 2019 , Delhi. Yellow Blossom lifestyle  events are well known for  for the Trens setters and fashion conscious audience. One of the premium exhbitiors in Delhi, the events are  treat for fashionistas, handpicked designers and retail therapy